CLIENT SERVICES & DESIGN i.Link provides an unrivaled array of resources, ideas and expertise to fulfill your corporate and financial printing needs.

Our client service and project management specialists oversee your project from beginning to end, making sure it’s delivered on time, within budget and achieves our goals of quality, timeliness and client delight. We are here to enhance your image, help you communicate your message and deliver value every step of the way.

i.Link’s design team has been awarded dozens of honors across print and electronic media in the categories of annual report design, specialized corporate literature and photography. We are proud that our creativity, versatility and passion for excellence has been recognized internationally and highlights our reputation for excellence.
TRANSLATION & COPYWRITING To extend your message in today’s global business world, i.Link’s translation services can broaden the reach of your business communications.

Our translators are well-versed in industry specific terminology to ensure your messages and documents are clear, accurate and well-written in English and Chinese.

Providing end-to-end language solutions – from concept to publication, we listen closely to your needs then work to tailor key messages to your specific audience. Including corporate and financial communications, we develop copy for public websites, annual reports, corporate brochures, custom collateral and financial announcements and filings.
TYPESETTING & PROOFREADING i.Link’s production specialists, typesetters and proofreaders ensure that every detail of your corporate documents – both online and in print – hits the mark.

At i.Link, our typesetting team excels at accuracy, consistency, responsiveness and flexibility. We make the extra effort, pay attention to details large and small and act with professionalism across every interaction regarding your project. This business philosophy and professional mandate has earned i.Link a reputation for success and the confidence of our clients.
INFORMATION SECURITY & FACILITIES Providing end-to-end business solutions, let i.Link be your partner of choice.

In today’s connected world, integrity, security and privacy are of paramount importance. i.Link’s comprehensive information security guidelines further ensure every staff member is trained across document management processes and safe access practices.

Our state-of-the-art conference center provides clients space to host special meetings or work on site during final production and printing of time-sensitive documents. i.Link’s facilities provide secure internet access, office equipment and audio and video conferencing systems. Our facilities also allow you to take a break from business pressures without leaving the premises.