China Foods Limited

2013 ARC Awards
- Bronze Awards (Annual Reports : Traditional, Foods Distributors, Processors & Wholesales)

Civil Engineering and Development Department

2014 ARC Awards
- Honors Awards (Annual Reports)

Country Garden Holdings Company Limited

2015 ARC Awards
- Gold (Annual Reports, Property Development : Various & Multi-Use)
- Honors (Annual Reports, Real Estate Development/SVC : Residential Properties)

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited

2014 Astrid Awards
- Silver (Annual Reports : Photography)

2014 ARC Awards

- Silver (Annual Reports : Traditional Annual Report, Technologies / Engineering)
- Bronze (Annual Reports : Overall)

Hong Kong Productivity Council

Astrid Awards 2018
- Silver (Annual Reports: Corporate - Non-Traditional: Special Printing Techniques)

Hong Kong Productivity Council

2016 ARC Awards
- GRAND (Annual Reports, Non-Profit Organization)
- Gold (Annual Reports, Non-Profit Organization: Government Agencies & Offices)
- Bronze (Interior Design, Non-Profit Organization: Public Service)

Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

2017 ARC Awards
- Gold (Annual Report: Non-Profit Organization-Technology and Science)

Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

2016 Astrid Awards
- Bronze (Annual Reports: Cover, Graphics & Text)
- Honors (Annual Reports: Corporate, Traditional, Asia / Pacific)

2015/16 Mercury Excellence Awards
- Gold (Annual Reports: Overall Presentation, Non-Profit - Various)

New World Development Company Limited

Mercury Excellence Awards 2014/2015
- GRAND (New World Harbour Race 2014 Album: Special Events)
- Gold (New World Harbour Race 2014 Album: Special Events, Sports Tie-in)

Shanghai Dasheng Agriculture Finance Technology Co., Ltd.

2017 ARC Awards
- Honors (Annual Reports: Printing & Production: Agriculture/Argi-Business)

Urban Renewal Authority

Astrid Awards 2018
-  Bronze (Annual Reports: Not-for-Profit Organizations: Traditional Format – Other Countries)

Vitasoy International Holdings Limited

2014/15 Mercury Excellence Awards
- Honors (Annual Reports - Cover Design: Special Treatment)